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Teaching Women How To Go from Mompreneur to Business Leader

“Rich Witch” Adriana Monique Alvarez helps overachieving women create the life and career they truly want

Adriana Monique Alvarez is a third-generation entrepreneur. As a child, she grew up immersed in business, learning the art of networking and how to balance a checkbook while she was still in grade school.

In a world that still struggles under the cultural assumption that women can’t have a wildly successful career and be great wives and mothers, Adriana defies expectation — and she’s showing other women how they can, too.

Calling All Overachievers

From women with successful businesses that ultimately aren’t fulfilling to women who seem to “have it all” — money, family, and a career — but are driven to make a more meaningful impact in the business world, Adriana supports them in creating action plans to achieve their goals.

Calling upon her lifetime of business acumen and her deeply spiritual nature (playfully dubbing herself the “Rich Witch”), Adriana shares powerful, customized insights with her clients on topics including:

* Rock solid business principles
* Out-of-the-box marketing strategies
* Simple and accessible business systems
* How to use intuition in business
* How to scale a business
* The power of leveraging other people’s networks
* How to run a lean and highly profitable business
* The role spirituality plays in business
* The unique support that women in business require

Adriana has worked with more than 1,000 high-achieving women, helping them break through society’s perceptions — and their own! — of what women can accomplish in business so they can go further than they ever imagined possible.

“I turn accomplished and powerful women into best-selling authors, speakers, and media magnets that attract high-end clients,” she says. “Too few women make more than $100,000 a year. Too few are in positions of leadership. We are taught that success should come only after we are the perfect wife and mother — but I have it all, as do my clients! You can be an amazing wife, mother, and woman and make a lot of money.”

AMA Publishing & Business Consulting

Through her company, AMA Publishing & Business Consulting, Adriana supports her clients in writing books, being featured in the media, booking large-scale speaking events, and building their business empire.

“I show women how to use their voice and get their message out to the masses while creating products and services that make them wealthy — so they can live the lifestyle most only dream of!” she says.

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